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Why Redesign at Missouri S&T?Missouri

Missouri Course Redesign Initiative 

On August 17, 2010, at the Govenor's Summit on Higher Education,Missouri Governor Jay Nixon and all public four-year institutions in Missouri announced the decision to embark on a new statewide initiative to redesign large-enrollment, multi-section undergraduate courses using technology-supported active learning strategies. With the goals of improving learning outcomes and reducing instructional costs, the program supports one project at each participating campus during 2011-2013. Missouri S&T, Chemistry 1 was awarded the opportunity to participate in the redesign project in partnership with Missouri's twelve other four-year public institutions, National Center for Academic Transformation (NCAT) and Next Generation Learning Challenge (NGLC).

How does the Chemistry 1 Redesign Look?


Videos Illustrate the Buffet Model

MP4 HTML-Closed-Captioned
Buffet Options-MP4 Buffet Options-CC
F2F Lecture-MP4 F2F Lecture-CC
F2F Recitation-MP4 F2F Recitation-CC
Online Lecture-MP4 Online Lecture-CC

Videos also available in YouTube on the Missouri S&T Channel (Playlist: Chem 1 Redesign)

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Where is More Information about Chemistry?

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